April 28, 2014

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State Assembly Candidate David Hadley Responds to Toyota's Announcement

Torrance, CA – State Assembly candidate and businessman David Hadley (R – 66th District) made the following statement in response to Toyota's announcement today that it is moving its U.S. headquarters out of Torrance:

“My first thought today is with the people who work for Toyota in Torrance and with their families. Toyota employs over 5,000 people in the South Bay. That figure does not include the businesses that rely on spending from Toyota and its employees, the community and non-profit organizations that Toyota has supported, and the tax dollars that Toyota and its employees have paid. The whole South Bay will feel the effects of this loss for years to come.

“My second thought is the frustration I feel with our elected officials in Sacramento who have created the climate of high costs, taxation, regulation and litigation that have pushed Toyota out of California. It is not like we haven't been warned. In 2006, Nissan moved its U.S. headquarters – and 1,300 jobs – out of Gardena for exactly the same reasons that Toyota is moving now.

“And yet, instead of doing the hard work necessary to reform our state's regulatory system and tax code and to ensure that hard-working Californians can continue to make our futures here, our elected officials in Sacramento are engaging in crony capitalism and cheap publicity stunts to distract Californians from our real challenges.

"I ask all residents of the South Bay: join my effort to reform California! I am prepared to do the hard work necessary to reform our state government. I have also spent my entire business career arranging and negotiating complex deals that have often helped companies increase their business and provide jobs for people. I want to bring my pro-jobs business experience to the Legislature. It may be too late to keep Toyota's headquarters here, but it is not too late to once again make California a great place to do business."

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