June 8th, 2016

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Hadley Primary Results Show District Strength, Strong Position for General.

Hadley shows broad support and $858,000 cash-on-hand, Muratsuchi lags far behind with $213,000

TORRANCE – Assemblyman David Hadley (R - Torrance) advanced to the November General Election with a strong showing in Tuesday’s “top two” Primary Election, demonstrating that his independent leadership and South Bay common sense are appealing to voters across the political spectrum.

Hadley also reported $858,000 cash-on-hand for his re-election campaign as of May 21, 2016. This is four times the cash-on-hand of his opponent, Al Muratsuchi, who ended the period with $213,000 on hand. Hadley has continued to receive more financial support from individuals living in his district – the people he represents – than has any other legislative officeholder or candidate in the entire state.

“The Primary Election results clearly demonstrate I’ve successfully engaged with a lot of Democrat and independent voters,” said Hadley. “People in the South Bay are more interested in my non-partisan, common sense approach than the partisan registration of the candidates.”

Saying he expected to come in second in the Primary Election, Hadley stated, “due to the hotly contested Democratic presidential primary, there was a great deal more Democratic voter interest in this June election than Republican turnout. The absentee ballot returns in the South Bay skewed much more heavily Democratic than they did in either the 2014 or the 2012 Primary elections, and we expect election day results will show the same dynamic.”

“I also want to congratulate candidate Mike Madrigal for his candidacy,” added Hadley. “He is a very decent man who I had the pleasure to meet during this campaign and he should be applauded for his civic engagement.”

“Unlike Al Muratsuchi, who ran a very negative, untruthful primary campaign against me, we ran a positive race,” continued Hadley. “For example, Muratsuchi deceitfully said Donald Trump was my choice for President, but I didn’t endorse Trump nor did I vote for him. Trust me, we will be calling out Al Muratsuchi’s deceptions in the General Election,” concluded Hadley.

Those wanting to join the David Hadley South Bay grassroots movement and help re-elect David Hadley to the Assembly should visit or find him on Facebook at

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