May 19th, 2016

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The Daily Breeze Editorial Board Endorses David Hadley for Re-election to State Assembly

TORRANCE – Assemblyman David Hadley (R - Torrance) today received the endorsement of The Daily Breeze for his re-election to the State Assembly. The editorial board also endorsed Hadley’s candidacy in 2014.

"I am so incredibly honored to receive The Daily Breeze’s endorsement for re-election,” said Hadley. "After reviewing former incumbent Al Muratsuchi’s performance in office, the editorial board did not endorse him for re-election in 2014 and concluded I was the right candidate for the job,” added Hadley.

“Now that The Daily Breeze has seen me in action in elected office,” added Hadley, “they have confirmed they made the right call in 2014 and endorsed my re-election to the State Assembly.”

“Fashioning himself a fiscal conservative focused on school reform, Hadley has done a good job of finding issues where there is common ground, most prominently [government] transparency,” writes the Breeze’s editorial board.

“Yes, a vote for Hadley . . . would ensure that Democrats alone couldn’t . . . raise taxes,” continued the Breeze, “[and] be a show of support for a legislator who sought to find a middle ground within a divided Legislature. [Hadley] will serve his district well.”

The Daily Breeze editorial board cites Hadley’s passage of legislation that protects school children from sexual abuse and increases accountability for government agencies. Click here to read The Daily Breeze’s full endorsement of David Hadley for State Assembly 2016.

Those wanting to join the David Hadley South Bay grassroots movement and help re-elect David Hadley to the Assembly should visit or find him on Facebook at

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