February 26, 2015

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Assemblyman Hadley Co-Authors Legislation to Reinstate Felony Penalties for Date-Rape Drugs

SACRAMENTO -Assemblyman David Hadley, R-Torrance, has joined with Republican and Democratic lawmakers, law enforcement officials and crime victim advocates to support legislation reinstating a felony sentence for possession of date rape drugs. The possession of these drugs was reclassified as a misdemeanor when Proposition 47 passed in 2014.

"I am the father of three teenaged daughters, and I cannot imagine that the state of California would allow anybody to possess drugs likes this: drugs whose only real purpose is sexual assault," said Assemblyman Hadley during an interview.

Assembly Bill 46 would allow prosecutors to charge a person possessing date rape drugs with a felony, rather than a misdemeanor. Under current law, a person convicted of possessing GHB or Rohypnol is unlikely to do any jail time. If passed and signed by the Governor, AB 46 would be placed on the ballot for voter approval.

"To protect my daughters and women throughout California, it is essential that we give voters the opportunity to correct this error in Prop. 47," said Hadley.

***Broadcast-quality video of Hadley's comments during the press conference can be found at

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