Five Days to Go - A Personal Message from David

Dear Friends,

It's less than a week to election day! So it's a good time to consider the serious issues raised by this campaign, and to inspire you to help finish the job on November 4.

An honorable man focused on the future of California

I was born and raised in Fullerton and have lived in the South Bay almost 19 years. I am a small businessman - I founded my business 15 years ago and we have advised over 100 companies that have created thousands of jobs. Suzanne and I have been married for 22 years and we have four teenage children. Our son Jack is a cadet at the US Military Academy at West Point. Our daughters Claire, Ellen and Faith are in our local public schools. We have been very active in our community.

From the beginning, my campaign has focused on the big issues that will determine whether the next generation of Californians can thrive here:

  • Business climate. Despite California's amazing advantages, we have the highest poverty rate and the fourth-highest unemployment rate in the US. Toyota's announcement this spring that it is leaving Torrance was a body blow to the South Bay. I am a small businessman who will work to improve California's business climate so companies big and small can stay and thrive here. I have been endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Businesses, the voice of small business nationwide.
  • Public schools. I am a proud father of four public school kids. Our South Bay public schools are some of the best in the state - but they are at risk. The funding formula that my opponent supported in 2013 has resulted in South Bay schools being among the most poorly funded in the state. The (so-called) rainy day ballot measure my opponent supports will strip our local school districts of their cash reserves, leading to catastrophe in the next recession.

    I will fight for fair funding and local control of our schools, and I will extend that local control to the cities of Gardena and Lomita that deserve their own school districts. I will ensure that our school children are protected from sexual predators. I will fight so that merit - and not race - is rewarded in college admissions.
  • Protecting taxpayers and Proposition 13. California is the fourth most taxed state in the US. We have the highest sales tax, the highest gas tax, the highest income tax and our gas prices will go up another 15 - 76 cents per gallon on January 1 due to cap-and-trade. That money will then be wasted on high speed rail. I will protect Proposition 13, and I am proud to have been endorsed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. My opponent has received a grade of "F" from the HJTA because he has voted to weaken Proposition 13.

California is an amazing place, we will always have rich people on our coast. My vision for California is one where companies like Toyota and small businesses stay here and create strong middle-class jobs that sustain our communities. And where the graduates of California's public schools statewide are qualified for those great opportunities.

Because I have the experience, the judgment and the integrity to represent the South Bay effectively, I have been endorsed by many of our most respected local leaders. Torrance Mayor Frank Scotto, Redondo Beach Mayor Mike Gin, Gardena Mayor Paul Tanaka and many others have supported my candidacy. You can see the list at I am also very proud to have earned the endorsement of the Daily Breeze.

A Campaign of Platitudes, Distraction and Deception

My opponent is engaged in a largely content-free campaign. He makes claims about "working across the aisle" when 90% of his bills have no Republican co-authors. He brags about "small ball" legislation such as more HOV stickers for car pool lanes that are unobjectionable but do nothing to address the serious challenges we face.

Meanwhile, he and his allies are spending millions on outright false or intentionally deceptive ads attacking me. To set the record straight: I have never laundered funds in my business or my campaign, and my opponent knows it. I am not the "pro oil spill" candidate; I simply respect the judgment and good sense of the voters of Hermosa Beach. I am a center/right candidate, a mature and level-headed husband, father and businessman who has learned how the world works. See my endorsements above.

In perhaps their most morally bankrupt campaign tactic, my opponent's Sacramento allies are trying to deceive voters by producing "fake support" mailers and videos. These pieces purport to support my campaign, but are really designed to mischaracterize me as a right-wing nut who is going to lead the Tea Party takeover of California.

South Bay movement vs. a Sacramento Machine

I am proud to be leading a South Bay movement. We have received well over 1,300 campaign contributions. Through September 30 our campaign raised over 80% of its money from people and almost 60% of its money in the South Bay. We won the primary against the incumbent on June 3. We have won the "lawn sign war" by maybe 10:1.

The Sacramento special interest machine has run to the defense of my opponent. From the beginning he has relied on PACs, unions, the state party and other out-of-district money for over 90% of his support. He takes oil money funneled to him by the state Democratic Party, even as his campaign puts out fictional emails about how "big oil" is spending big money to defeat him. Many of you are getting 2 - 4 mail pieces a day paid for by this machine.

Whether you are a Republican, a Democrat or an independent, I hope you agree with me that the South Bay should choose our own representative. We don't need Sacramento to choose one for us and spend a few million dollars to rent the seat for another two years.


California has big problems, but even bigger opportunities. I am an honorable and effective adult who will work in good faith with the other 79 members of the State Assembly to improve our business climate, protect our South Bay schools, improve schools statewide and protect taxpayers.

The ferocity of the response my campaign has triggered means that we have struck a nerve, that we can be a powerful movement for change in California. I would greatly appreciate your support in making that change and I will not let you down.

This is going to be a close, low-turnout election - every vote will count! Please cast your ballot on or before November 4, and make sure that your family members and neighbors do too. I am grateful for your support.

Thank you,
David's Signature

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