September 18, 2014

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David Hadley Fundraising Surpasses $820,000 with Over $500,000 Cash-on-Hand

Torrance, CA - With less than 50 days until the election, candidate for State Assembly David Hadley (R - 66th District) has raised over $820,000, with over $500,000 in the bank. Most of Hadley's funding comes from individuals, and the majority comes from within the district.

"This campaign is not just about me versus my opponent," said Hadley to a room full of supporters last night, "This campaign is about the people of the South Bay versus a Sacramento political machine that has hijacked their representation in the State Assembly."

Mr. Hadley's opponent, Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi, draws over 90% of his campaign funding from PACs, unions and sitting members of the State Assembly. Approximately 95% of his funding comes from outside the district.

"My opponent does not receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in special interest money because he is a champion of the South Bay," continued Hadley, "He receives this money because he is a reliable ally of the Sacramento political class."

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