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Protecting Our Students & Local School Control

Father of four public school children and a strong voice for our South Bay students, citizen legislator David Hadley authored Assembly Bill 1452 – signed into law by Governor Brown – preventing school administrators from covering up teacher and staff sexual abuse. He also co-sponsored legislation that allows our local schools to increase the amount of money they can save for a rainy day.

David Hadley wrote a new law allowing military families to seek enrollment of their children in the public school district of their choice. He authored legislation to permit Gardena and Lomita to form their own school districts. Also, he supports multiple career education pathways and co-sponsored the bill allowing the Southern California Regional Occupational Center to participate in a grant program that improves job skills.

It was David Hadley who co-authored legislation reforming teacher tenure by stopping the “last in, first out” process for teacher layoffs . . . and, he voted for the College Textbook Affordability Act that reduces textbook costs for our college students.

Let’s Create Better-Paying Middle Class Jobs

Endorsed for re-election by the National Federation of Independent Business and the California Small Business Association, businessman David Hadley knows the state’s unacceptable labor-force participation rate is the lowest it’s been in 40 years.

David Hadley is keenly aware that housing costs are crushing the middle class, so he introduced legislation preventing “anonymous” plaintiffs from abusing the legal system to stop new housing.

Alarmed by the state’s 23% poverty rate, David Hadley also voted for more job creation by backing a bill that promotes available credit for small businesses and he supported legislation requiring state agencies to reduce unnecessary regulations that have only killed jobs.

Defend Taxpayers & Preserve Proposition 13

The recipient of an “A” grade by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association for his outstanding legislative record, David Hadley will fight any attempt to gut the 1978 Prop. 13 property tax savings law because it not only helps homeowners, but also those who pay rent.

A fiscal conservative, David Hadley has voted against raising our taxes and he opposed the sales and income tax hikes contained in Proposition 30. He’s against the crony capitalists who receive subsidies, tax credits and carbon offsets at the expense of hard-working families.

And, it’s no surprise David Hadley voted for an earned income tax credit for the working poor, supported a program that helps taxpayers who are overcharged by the Franchise Tax Board and voted against allowing local governments to raise the cap on sales tax hikes.

Opposed His Party To Protect The Environment

In the Assembly, David Hadley was one of only two legislators in his party who voted to require 50% of all electrical power to be generated from green sources like solar and wind. He voted to establish a statewide policy to protect wildlife corridors and to coordinate government efforts to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

David Hadley strongly favors keeping a ban on off-shore drilling and making sure oil companies adhere to strict safety standards . . . that’s why he voted to mandate that coastal oil pipelines must have automatic shut-off valves and modern leak detection equipment.

A steward of our environment, David Hadley also voted for greater enforcement restrictions that protect our state’s marine areas as well as improved standards for measuring air pollution . . . and, he was the deciding committee vote to ban bullhooks used to inhumanely control elephants.

It’s Past Time To Stop High-Speed Rail

A leader in the fight to stop the wasteful high-speed rail project, David Hadley authored legislation to halt funding for the proposed bullet train and use those funds for local transportation projects.

David Hadley also voted against legislation by irresponsible Sacramento politicians that drastically reduced public reporting requirements for the bullet train project . . . and, he strongly opposes stealing greenhouse gas clean up funds in order to build high speed rail.

No Interference With Private Decisions

Because he supports state recognition of same-sex marriages, David Hadley voted against Proposition 8 in 2008 . . . but, he also backs the rights of individuals, religious organizations, businesses and non-profits to follow their own beliefs. And, he voted for end-of-life options for the terminally ill that included strong safeguards against abuse.

David Hadley believes – as a matter of law – that women and couples have the right to make their own decisions about pregnancies. He is personally opposed to abortion as birth control, he’ll vote against partial birth abortion and he favors parental notification because state law should strengthen the family unit.

Don’t Use Race In College Admissions

David Hadley believes race has no place in determining how our students are evaluated for the purpose of college admissions . . . therefore, those young people who worked hard to enroll in higher education institutions should be judged on their merits and not denied their opportunity because they didn’t meet certain racial quotas.

Not only was David Hadley strongly against SCA 5 that attempted to inject racial politics into public education by favoring some college applicants over more qualified students, but he also co-sponsored a measure that opposed the use of race in college admissions.

Police Officers Deserve Our Support

David Hadley believes that front line police officers must always have the support of our South Bay communities . . . after all, they literally put their lives on the line everyday protecting our neighborhoods. True to his word, he wrote legislation allocating an extra $85 million to plug a funding hole for drug and gang enforcement programs.

A proponent of the death penalty, David Hadley also co-authored AB 46 that makes it a felony if there’s intent to use date rape drugs. He voted to increase punishment for threatening to discharge a firearm on school grounds and tampering with GPS devices that track sex offenders . . . plus, he supported making it easier for judges to impose protective orders for domestic violence.

Reform Government Pension Programs

David Hadley is working to reform the unfair public employee retirement system because he’s keenly aware of its skyrocketing $17.5 billion annual cost as well as the more than $200 billion in unfunded liabilities. He believes public pensions must make more sense for taxpayers while also giving public employees more portability of their vested retirement rights when they change careers.

Because public pension costs are clearly jeopardizing vital local government services, David Hadley authored a bill allowing local non-public-safety agencies the option – through the collective bargaining process – of increasing the retirement age to 65 years for newly hired employees.

Standing Up For Veterans & Our Military Families

David Hadley is a strong champion for the Los Angeles Air Force Base and the law he authored allowing military families to seek enrollment of their children – regardless of where they live – in the best school district for their family is considered by many the most significant state legislation in many years that supports LAAFB.

A co-sponsor of a bill that could provide veterans more start-up capital for their new businesses, David Hadley also backed a measure protecting the property tax exemption for veteran organizations. He wrote legislation removing the DMV fee veterans pay to print the word “Veteran” on their driver licenses as well as voting for more available funding for veteran housing and mental health services.

Keep Your Doctor, Keep Your Health Plan

David Hadley strongly opposes a government-run health care system because it will reduce quality of care, create health care rationing, interfere with the patient-doctor relationship and cause higher insurance premiums.

A champion of affordable programs that help cover high-risk patients and pre-existing conditions, David Hadley also supports allowing out-of-state insurers to compete in California as well as offering health plans that appeal to consumers, not the mandated whims of government bureaucrats.

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